One Line Stories


Meehan Family Story


“After moving here a few months ago we were looking for a church for our family. We had faced some trials through our life and knew that God was missing from our family. We believed, we prayed but yet we still needed more. Upon arriving at One Line church we were greeted at the door by several people. Pastor Brad immediately came over and introduced himself and showed us the kids classes. At first our kids were hesitant because of everything being new but everyone made them feel welcomed and loved. Chris and I went upstairs for church and by the end I could feel God speaking to my heart. After church we went downstairs to get our kids and my son was like, “Mom you were right, that was fun!” Leaving church my husband and I had a long talk about the sermon and how we felt like One Line Church is where we belong. Since going we feel stronger in our marriage and as a whole family. We’ve gotten involved with Kid’s church and feel this is a huge blessing to not only teach them the word of God but to have the kids bless our lives as well. My son now talks and asks questions about Jesus and is understanding more- all thanks to this church. We couldn’t be more blessed to have been welcomed into such a loving church family who truly loves and cares about everyone and never makes any judgment.


Joel's Story

I FEEL LIKE I'VE BEEN SEARCHING my whole life for something that I now realize has always been present. Through every struggle and every joy, there was God. Every time I fell, He was there to lift me. When I wed my best friend and at the birth of our children, I felt His Love. Even when I turned my back in defiance, He called me home. It is easy to lose your way, but when I have felt completely lost, His grace gave me the right direction. I have always been overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone at One Line, and I felt the spirit and strength of scripture in the services. I prayed for help, I told Jesus that I could not do it alone anymore, and I invited Him into my heart. For every step I take toward Jesus, I feel an overwhelming embrace in return. I wanted to make a public commitment, before God and everyone that Jesus is my personal Savior, that with his guidance and Gods grace, I never again will lose my way.